Monday, March 22, 2010


It has been one busy week in Brutus land. With Ashley here all week, it meant that Brutus got a lot of extra loving, but he also had to deal with being crated a lot more. The girls had shopping to do, and canine boys were not invited along!! There were some pretty sad faces made. It got to the point where if I was showering and getting dressed, he would start to get nervous, and if I asked him if he needed to go potty, when he came in he would run as fast as he could past his crate so he wouldn't get put in there. Definitely not a fan of the crate. At least when he's in there he seems to sit quietly after a few minutes. If he was crying and barking the whole time it would be a nightmare.

On Friday Nick flew in from Ohio, and I took Brutus with to the airport. Goofy idea on my part. He had never met Nick before, and he was way too exited. Poor Nick was covered with fur by the time we got home, but thankfully he was a good sport about it. Brutus has found another big brother that he adores. Nick has been working with him to "lay down", which is a command that we have been having a horrible time with, and Brutus is getting pretty good at it. I might have to pay him training fees. Nick normally walks a few miles a day, so I was pretty excited about having a walking break too, but the night before Nick came home for spring break he was hit by a car when he was walking to his apartment, and his ankle is pretty sore, so no break for Brutus's lazy mom!! On a bright note, Nick is OK. The driver took off, which is so scary. I really don't understand human nature. I guess that's why I'm such an animal lover.

Andrew and Karri also came home on Friday night to spend the weekend, and once again, Brutus was all over Karri. Karri is a very petite girl, so Brutus standing up to hug her can be overwhelming. Maybe it's that they're kindred red heads. Actually, I think it's probably because Karri is very pretty and smells good and Brutus just loves her. With all of the people around, Brutus was pretty wound up by the end of the night, so Andrew took him for a power run. Andrew would be the only person in the house that would think running is fun, and Brutus seemed to think it was pretty cool too. You will never ever ever see a post from me saying that I took Brutus for a run. The only way that would happen is if the leash was wrapped around me and he took off after a squirrel and he was dragging me after him!! Just not gonna happen!

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera out all weekend. I get around all of the kids, and don't take pictures. I am normally on the annoying level with my camera, so I will get some pictures of Nick with Brutus and get them posted on here. I took a picture of Andrew and Karri with Brutus when they were leaving. Brutus thought it might be a good idea to go home with them, but once they were gone he settled in and watched a movie with me. Nick went to a friends house for the night, and Brutus was very worried about him. It amazes me how smart dogs are. He would go down to Nick's bedroom and see that his things were still there, and then he would go to the entryway and smell for him and know that his shoes were gone, so he would lay down by the door and wait. He finally came to bed and stayed there, but when Nick opened the door this morning, he flew down those stairs so fast to greet him that I don't think his paws even touched the steps!!

Next week when it's back to just Don and I, Brutus is going to be a puddle on the floor. :(

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