Monday, February 6, 2012


Hello Hello Hello! I promise that I haven't forgotten about my Brutus Blog. I love this little blog, and all that it stands for. I will always remember my first few months with my Brutus boy, and how blogging about our experiences was the only thing that kept both of us alive some days. He is such a different boy from the dog that we picked up on that cold January day two years ago.

For used to be that if we took a treat out, he would practically take our hand off to get to it. These days he will wait patiently (well, kind of patiently) for us to give it to him, or to give him permission to eat it. He's learned all kinds of commands, like sit, stay (depending on the circumstance), come (if he wants to), and shake (he shakes with us if he wants a treat, not the other way around). Looking back on the last couple sentences, I'm kind of wondering who has trained who! I'm kind of kidding. He's an awesome boy.

Today I thought I would try to teach him to kiss my nose. He gives us kisses (with his nose only, thank goodness) which are very sweet, but I was going to try to get him to aim for the nose. I thought that holding a treat next to my nose and saying "kiss" and then letting him have the treat would work great. Well, it didn't work out exactly like I thought it would. To add to this story, I'm also doing a photo project this year, and this weeks project was taking a picture that included myself in the photo. I had no desire to do a self portrait, so I thought I would get a picture of me teaching Brutus his new trick. Well, here is how it went.....all six seconds of it!

Coming in for the "kiss" and snatching the treat instead.

Making sure the treat is safely in his mouth.

The very cute escape.

Thankfully, Brutus is very treat motivated, so he'll get it eventually. I think that next time I will be a little more cautious about protecting my nose instead of taking pictures!

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  1. aww...isn't he just the cutest! what a fun trick to teach him! you'll have to let me know when he gets it down!