Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Duper Doggy Fun Weekend

Brutus had an amazing weekend! Friday we headed to the lake, and this time mom (me) stayed home and snuggled in and watched movies with him while dad went to the bar with our friends and played pool. I knew that I would be seeing all of our friends on Saturday night at the Valentine's Party, so it was snuggle night with Brutus!!

Saturday, my pal in crime Pam called to go for a walk, so we took Brutus for a three mile walk. I think he was actually tired out when we got back, which is rare for him. Pam and her husband Gary had to have a bunch of trees cut down along the road by the Department of Forestry, and I swear that the deer population tripled because of all of the tasty fresh tree tops lying around on the ground. Brutus could barely stay focused. At one point, six deer went running across the road in front of us. They were so beautiful. It was just a beautiful day in general.

After walking three miles, my legs were achy, and all I could see was my whirlpool tub waiting for me. Don needed to run into town to pick up a couple things, so he volunteered to take Brutus shopping with him so I could just kick back and relax in the tub. It was so nice for me, and awesome for Brutus. He loves to run errands, plus he gets to sit in the front seat when he's only with one parent. I know it isn't the safest thing in the world for anyone concerned, but he is one happy dog. Don got sucked into the whole "I'm taking my dog shopping" fun, and came out of the store with a yummy bone for him. He spent a good couple hours gnawing on that when he got home. And even better, Don brought me a sweetheart rose plant for Valentine's Day. He did good. I'm not sure if Brutus reminded him or not, but either way, I was happy.

My friend Sandra had told me about these dog toys called "KONG". They are super heavy duty rubber, so Brutus can't destroy them which is awesome, and some of them are hollow. She suggested that I put a mixture of peanut butter and kibble inside of the toy and freeze it so I can give it to Brutus to keep him entertained and a little happy when we leave him and have to put him in his crate. I did this on Saturday night, and it was a huge hit. The hole to get the food out of is relatively small, so he must have had to work pretty hard at it! He still wasn't happy to be in his crate, but at least he had some fun while he was in there. We got home from our party pretty late that night, but he sort of stretched out of his crate, went outside to go potty, and went right to bed. He was a very good boy.

Sunday morning we had to get up early and head back to the cities. Andrew and Karri were coming to lunch to celebrate Karri's birthday. This was going to be the first time that they would be meeting Brutus too. I kept asking Brutus if he was excited to meet one of his big brothers, and he would cock his head to the side and look at me like I was crazy. I'm sure by the tone in my voice he knew something good was coming, but he just didn't know what. As I expected, he loved Andrew and Karri, and if he could have gotten that boy to go outside and play fetch for a few hours, they would be the very best of friends!! Unfortunately, it was cold and snowy, so the fetch playing had to be done from the living room down the hallway. I still can't believe that I allow that. When my kids were little, I didn't even let them walk around in the living room. They had to play downstairs in the family room. Boy have I changed!! Good thing, or we would be one very miserable household!!

Brutus has been snoring since 6:00. A true sign of a great weekend. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, canine and human!!

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