Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brutus Likes Dairy Queen WAY Too Much!!

Yesterday I headed back to Minnesota to celebrate my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary with Don. Of course, that meant bringing Brutus with me. The cats can certainly stay alone for a couple days, but Brutus doesn't even like to be alone for a couple minutes! I left the lake right around lunch time, and decided I would stop part way home to grab a small bite to eat since I knew that Don and I would be going out for dinner. Let the fun begin!

We made it to Baldwin, and I figured a plain hamburger at Dairy Queen was probably a good option for Brutus, since his digestive system is starting to get back to normal after all of the company that we had, so I placed the order in the drive through and started to pull up. At that moment, I can guarantee that memories of the Baldwin Dairy Queen, and their awesome FREE dog treats which consist of an ice cream with a dog treat on top came rushing back to him. He got so "excited" that, lets just say, the lipstick came out of it's case in full force. There he is, in the front seat of my car, panting at the girl, pulling a little full frontal nudity. I'm dying, trying to tell him to "put it away" because there will be no ice cream today. Ugh. So embarrassing.

I always put a blanket over the seat when Brutus is in the car with me, so I'm trying to cover "him" up with the corner of the blanket with my right hand while I grab the bag from the poor girl in the drive through window on my left. I drove about five feet forward with no hands on the wheel until we were out of view, gave him his burger, and after dying for a few minutes, managed to make it back to the cities in one piece. Oh Brutus!!

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  1. Brutus stories just make me giggle! Thanks