Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look Dad.....No Leash

I wanted to get Brutus out and moving a little today, so I decided I would start out the day by putting on his tone collar in a very cheery happy voice, and with treats. It did no good. He turned right in to a big pile of pouty pooch. First he dug his feet in on the drive way and wouldn't move, and then he went under my car. After letting him mope for a good hour, and trying to coax him out of his bad mood with a good belly rub, I finally caved and took him off leash. I decided that if he went in to the poison ivy patch after a chipmunk, so be it. These feet were not going after him. I took my last Benadryl this morning, and I had no intention of getting showered and dressed and driving thirty minutes to get more, so I was going to be very very careful!

The transformation in him was undeniable, and frankly, a little depressing. It's depressing in the sence that he completely changes his attitude when his leash is taken off and he's given the freedom to run, and it means that that deep fear in me comes to the surface that he might run away again. I love love love to see my boy happy and free, and that's the ultimate goal, but it's just so scary. So, I put on my brave face (trying to look very confident) and said "let's go bud", and to the back yard we headed.
In true Brutus fashion, he headed right for the back steps where the chipmunks love to play. It was like a scene from a cartoon. At least three chippies went scattering in different directions. He ran up and down the steps a few times, and then just as I figured, went off to the side of the house where the poison ivy is and chased a few critters in the woods. I could hear him the whole time, and I knew he wasn't leaving our property, so I headed down to the lake to take some pictures. We had a mama bird that laid some eggs under the pontoon boat this spring, and they hatched some time in the last week and a half, and her nest was one solid little bundle of fur and beaks. It was really cute. Hopefully they will grow up really fast and get booted from their nest before next week when Don's brother and family come to spend a couple days with us, because boating and fishing on the pontoon is usually one of the highlights of our visit with them. I would hate to not only let them down, but I would also hate to drown five baby birds!

When I was finished getting out from under the boat, I called for Brutus to follow me to the front of the house, and after a little friendly coaxing, he did. I was so relieved. I was taking some more pictures of some flowers in the front of the house, and I heard a splash, and here's big old Brutus sitting in his kiddie pool. I can honestly say that no one can rock a purple kiddie pool like Brutus. I think I was forgiven for insulting him with the tone collar, and he managed to get a little exercise and have some fun. And, no critters were killed in the process. :) For a change

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