Monday, July 19, 2010

Tried To Make Him Happy

After Brutus's horrible day today, I had about had it, so what do you do when your child has been really horrible and you can't take it anymore?? Take him shopping of course.

I loaded Brutus into the car and headed to Eau Claire to go to PetSmart. If we were going to shop, it obviously had to be somewhere where he could actually partake. I did have to put his gentle leader on him while we were in the store so I would have some control, and that didn't make him very happy. He spent a lot of the time trying to scratch it off his nose, but other than that, I think he had fun. After we finished up our shopping trip, we headed over to Culver's for a burger. It was yummy!! Don always teases me about getting to eat Culver's Butter Burgers because there is one right by where he works. I love them, but I never eat there, so it was really a treat for me too.

And for dessert, on the way home I saw my first big black bear of the summer cross the road. I was driving down the road thinking "that goofy dog needs to get out of the road so it doesn't get hit". Well, that goofy dog turned out to be a black bear, and it did head back in to the corn field as I was approaching it. I had a teenager tailgating my car, I'm sure because he couldn't see the bear ahead of me and didn't know why I had slowed down. When he actually saw the bear walk back off to the side of the road, he stopped dead in his tracks. That will teach him to tailgate!!

When Brutus and I got home, I opened the door to the back seat so he could jump out, but he wouldn't move. I unloaded all of the stuff that we had bought, and he still wouldn't move. I finally had to bribe him out of the car with food. Not sure what that was all about. Maybe he had bad memories of our day at the lake too.

Let's all hope for a better day tomorrow. I feel some more dog training in the days to come. How on earth do you teach a dog that it's OK to leave the property with a parent, but not alone?? Man, just when I thought I was one step ahead, I took three steps backwards!

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