Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brutus Has A New Favorite Toy

Yesterday Brutus decided that he was going with me when I left to go run errands. It's gotten so that if I so much as get dressed and act like I'm heading for my purse, he starts getting excited and jumping around and heading for the door. It makes crating him a little difficult! So, off we went.

I saved the grocery store for the last stop, which is actually a very well thought out plan. There was one time that I didn't, and when I came back to the car there was much less food than I had originally purchased left in the bags! Being the big sap that I am, I decided I would look for a little toy to get him for being such a good boy. I came across a squeaky green ball, and figured he would love it. He literally hasn't let it out of his sight. He's so protective of this toy that if one of the cats jumps up on the bed, he'll grab his toy and tuck it right next to him so the cats can't have it, as if they could even get it in their mouths to begin with. Kind of shows his immaturity!! So, here are some photos of Brutus loving on his new toy. Enjoy. ;)

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