Saturday, May 7, 2011

So Glad I Was The Only One In The House!

The only part of this post that has to do with Brutus is the fact that he wasn't home!! I still have this goofy inner ear infection that keeps me from having my balance, so Don and Brutus headed to the lake on Friday afternoon without me. I'm able to get to the bathroom and make sandwiches, so I'm pretty well set. There's no reason to ruin Don's weekend too.

Before I went to sleep on Friday night, I took Sudafed for the congestion in my ears and Dramamine for the motion sickness. I woke up at about midnight, and seriously, for the first time in over a week I had complete clarity. I was nauseous, but not dizzy, and wired. So, me being me, I decided that I better take advantage of whatever time I had. I drug the laundry basket downstairs, scooped cat boxes, tidied up the house, and unpacked my suitcase from being at the lake the weekend before. I think I only threw up three times during this whole whirlwind of cleaning, and by the time I was done unpacking my suitcase I decided I couldn't stand myself anymore. I hadn't been able to shower or wash my hair for over a week, and I was GROSS. I had brushed my teeth, because that would just be beyond acceptable, but the thought of getting in the shower was impossible.

So, I got some fresh jammies, got everything laid out and turned on the hot water. I couldn't wait!! I got in the shower and started washing my hair when this huge wave of vertigo washed over me, and I hit the tub. I didn't fall, but I had to go down. I had the shower wand in my hand, so I took it with me and decided to sit in the tub to take my shower. I had gotten that far and I was going to finish this job. If you've ever been really really drunk and laid down in bed and had the bed spin, that is what this inner ear thing feels like. I decided I better lay down. About that time Princess, our oldest cat, decided she wasn't happy having me in the tub. I don't know if she knew that it was 1:00 in the morning and I should be sleeping or what, but she decided to get on the edge of the tub and scream at me. She was there yelling for a good five minutes when Sophie, our youngest cat, decided she was sick and tired of listening to Princess scream. She comes in to the bathroom and starts meowing at her and swatting at her. I just wanted to get my hair washed and get out of there!! If Don came home on Sunday and found me dead in the tub, he wouldn't be pleased!!

So Sophie takes one final swat at Princess and pushes her in the tub. Room spinning, water spraying, cats screaming, cat with back claws on my chest freaking out and trying to get out of the tub. AHHHHH!!!

I finished getting cleaned up. Crawled out of the tub, put on my jammies (and a couple band aids), put my hair in a ponytail and went to bed. No matter how clear my head gets at midnight, I am staying in bed next time.

OH.....MY.....GOD!! If anyone would have been watching that fiasco, they would have been dying laughing. It's all I could do. It was too crazy to do anything else.

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  1. woah....that sounds like a scene from a sitcom :) so sorry that you're still not feeling well. for the nausea, have you tried seabands? i wore mine almost the whole time i was pregnant. but you poor gal, you can't catch a break, can you? sending prayers your way every day :)

    oh, and yeah, i used to work in a max security prison for juvenile offenders that were tried as adults. i did it for 3 years. i left when we started trying to get pregnant. because there we had quite a few fights we had to get in between, i didn't want to risk anything, y'know?

    also, i gave you a Most Versatile Blogger Award. go to my post here to find out more :)

    ((hugs)) feel better soon...andie