Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Boy!!

Wow, where does the time go. I was talking with my Father in-law this weekend about my Brutus Blog, and he mentioned that I don't write updates nearly as often as I used to. I told him that I tried to update about once a week, but he pointed out that I hadn't written an update since the end of June. He wasn't kidding. Summer time hits, and the company arrives, and we just get busy. So, it's time for a Brutus update. Brutus is definitely a summer boy, and he would spend every single minute at the lake if he could. Whenever we go back to the city, he pouts, and will stand by the car door and beg to get back in to the car, as if getting in the car will magically take him back to the lake. At least we know he's kind of smart!

He love love loves to chase after chipmunks. Thankfully, this summer he doesn't seem to be killing them. Last summer he wasn't trained to stay in our yard yet, so he was on a long leash outside. Somehow, he managed to catch little chippies all of the time. It made me nuts, because he would bring them to me and drop them at my feet and kind of pat them, wondering why they wouldn't play anymore. Obviously, they couldn't!! This summer he's a "big boy", and for the most part stays very close to our yard's boundaries. We're so proud of him. It took a little over a year of training, but he finally "got it". It was so important to us that he be trained to know his boundaries so he could run and play and swim, and honestly, be free. Coming from the horrible situation that he did, we wanted him to be able to enjoy his life to the fullest, while still being safe. He runs up and down the hill, swims in the lake, chases critters, gets overheated and comes up to sit in his little purple pool, and then does it all over again. It melts my heart every time. We're on year number two for the purple pool, and I'm going to be sad when it wears
out. It's getting in pretty rough shape from him jumping in with his rough nails, so I'm afraid this summer is going to be it. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for another one next Spring, much to my husband's dismay!! It isn't quite manly enough for Don's taste. lol!

Brute's other big love is boating. He loves to ride on the pontoon, and if Don is going out fishing, Brutus ALWAYS goes along. Don made the mistake of leaving without him this last Saturday, and Brutus pouted big time. On Sunday, Don couldn't go anywhere without Brutus shadowing him. There was no way that that was ever going to happen again!!

Waiting to Get On The Boat

Bringing Dad The Buoy....Um!!
The Best Seat In The Boat!!
 The Other awesome thing that Brutus has learned to do is to take treats from someone very gently. When we first adopted Brutus, he would practically take your hand off if you offered him a treat. Now he will take the treat slowly with his little teeth, and your fingers will remain intact. Grandpa was giving him some treats on our boat ride. He and Grandpa got along really well. Grandpa likes treats almost as much as Brutus does, so they did a good job of sharing. :D

Thank You Grandpa!!
So, that's what Brutus has been up to the last few weeks. Mainly just loving life, and doing a good job of being as spoiled and loved as he possibly can. Life is good. :D

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  1. he's such a sweet boy!! i would love the lake too, i'm sure! glad that he's learning manners about treats... bet the chipmunks wish he'd work on them a bit more :P so cute that he brings them to you....almost like a prize!!