Friday, July 22, 2011

Heaven Baby, Pure Heaven

Leaving for the lake couldn't come fast enough for Brutus today. He seemed to know as soon as I got in the shower that it was going to be a great day. I needed to run to PetSmart, so I didn't even bother packing my stuff for the lake in the car before running errands, because I knew Brutus wouldn't understand. As soon as I put a suit case of any sort in the car, it's time to hit the road.

Brutus and Kiera "Mousing" in the Heat
As soon as we got to the lake, Brutus was out of the car and gone. He was down at the wood pile seeing if his chipmunk "friends" were still around, and then checking out the lake. If either Don or I went anywhere near the car, he would panic. He seems to know that Friday means mom and dad meet their friends for dinner and leave him in the house. Dogs are so incredibly smart. It just amazes me that he can figure out that on the day we get to the lake, there is a very good chance that we will lock him in the house and leave for a few hours. Kind of on the same level as Brutus heading out to the garage to wait for dad to get home from work in the afternoon. He seems to have this sense of what time it is, and he scratches at the door to get out. I don't even have to leash him anymore. He goes out in the garage, I open the door, and he lays there and waits to greet Don when he drives in to the drive way. It's precious, every single day.

I just didn't have the heart to put him in the house tonight. He had been so miserable in the city this week. It was way too hot to go walking, so he had pretty much been in the house the whole week. I decided I would stay home so he could be outside and play. I suggested to Don that we skip going out for dinner and just have some cheese, crackers and a cocktail down by the lake instead. It turned out to be perfect. Brutus's girlfriend Kiera just happened to be outside with her mom Catherine, so Kiera got to come over and play for a couple hours, and Catherine came over and relaxed with us. It was wonderful all the way around.

Brutus's Girlfriend Kiera
The dogs, especially Brutus, played in the wood pile, knocking several pieces of wood over, but it was completely worth it. At one point Brutus caught a mouse and decided to take it swimming. It had already passed away, but he played with it in the water until it sunk. Then he couldn't figure out where it had gone. Brutus's friend Kiera is afraid to go in the lake, so she was jumping all over furiously trying to get him to come back out of the lake. It was hot outside, and I walked Kiera down to the lake to try to get her to go in, but she just wouldn't do it. She is an American Bulldog with very thin fur, but she was getting way overheated from playing so hard, so about 8:00 her mom took her home to cool down, and Brutus went up the hill for an outdoor bath with the hose. I absolutely love having hot water outside the house so we can bathe Brutus (thank you Bob!!).

Don headed out to play pool with his buddies, and Brutus and I cozied in to the house. Unfortunately, I wasn't good enough. Brute still had a couple tantrums, and threw all of the pillows off of my sofas. He isn't allowed to touch them, so he was being really naughty, and ended up getting himself locked in the bedroom with me. Finally he settled down and dozed off. He LOVES his daddy, and I guess he wanted him here. There's just so much we can give in to his wants! lol!! After all, I think we are in charge??

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. brutus had a playdate!! sounds like "the kids" had a good time! cheese, crackers, and wine on the deck watching the sunset sounds so classy! ((funny too that he had a little temper tantrum.)) give him some scratches for me...