Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can Anyone Say POUT???

Holy bow wow Batman. Brutus went from being let out the front door to play all day at the lake, to being stuck in the house in the Cities, and he isn't a happy camper. Putting it mildly, huh!! Not only are we having a record breaking heat wave, but he just doesn't have the freedom in the city that he does at the lake. We have spent more time working with him on his boundaries at the lake, mostly because we're more relaxed at the lake and spend a lot more time outside. And, we want him to be able to swim and play. In the city, those boundaries are a LOT more clear to the neighbors, and watched. Sometimes right through a great big glass window!

Yesterday morning I let Brutus outside to go to the bathroom, and I didn't put him on his outdoor tie. I don't trust him if I'm in the house (and it isn't legal to have him unleashed), but I was standing in the doorway of our screened in porch watching him. He was tooling all over the yard looking for a place to do his business, and just wasn't finding one to his satisfaction. We hadn't been here for the last three weeks, so he was out of his usual habit of peeing on the pine tree and then backtracking to poo on the hill. So after looking around for about five minutes he took off for the neighbor's yard. I was still in my pajamas, so I didn't go running after him, but was definitely yelling for him to come back home. He found a lovely spot to poop right in front of the neighbor's big family room window, and I could see them in their family room watching the morning news. Ugh. Way to go Brute!! Time to put on a bra and grab a plastic bag. So of course, the minute I get half way across the lawn to pick up his poop, still in my jammies (looking like hell), my adorable neighbor comes outside to let her teeny tiny poodle outside to go potty. I immediately start apologizing, and she says "Sheri, what are you doing here?" Are you kidding me? You didn't just see that 90 lb. lab pooping in front of your window??? I wanted to die. I pointed to the ground and said "that's why I'm over here". She started laughing, and thanked me for coming over to pick it up, but they honestly hadn't even noticed him. I guess I'm not the only person who is still sleepy in the morning. We had a nice visit anyway, and caught up on each other's kids. It would have been even nicer if it was ten hours later and we had a glass of wine in our hands!! Oh well. I picked up my "little" Brutus present and headed back home. Brutus was waiting patiently in the porch, as if to say "where have you been mom, it's hotter than blazes out here". It was 8:00 in the morning, and already 96 degrees. So yucky!

Tomorrow he gets to go back to the lake. I haven't even dared to tell him, or he would be down by the front door waiting to get in the car. He has learned the meaning of "lake", "boat ride", "go for a ride", and "w..a..l..k". Yes, he's learned how to spell. He had learned the meaning of "walk", so we started spelling it, just in case we couldn't actually follow through with our word, and now the little goober has learned how to spell. Time to Google synonyms!!

And time to turn this frown upside down. :D

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