Friday, April 1, 2011

Bedtime Ritual

Oh my god. Brutus is either incredibly spoiled (um yeah) or he has late night bathroom issues! This boy has a routine, and he likes to stick to it. One of his biggest routines is when and with whom he goes to the bathroom at night. It needs to be at 9:55 (so mom misses the first five minutes of the news) and with mom. Don tried to take him out one night this week, and Brutus went as far as the hallway and laid down. Don even bribed him with a treat, and he wasn't moving. I got out of bed and said "OK Brute, let's go" and down the stairs he went. I really couldn't believe it. So, Don gets to cozy in every night and watch the news, and I get to go stand downstairs for ten minutes while Brutus takes care of business. Gotta love that boy!!