Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That Mouse Didn't Have A Chance :(

If there's one thing Brutus is really really good at, it's catching rodents. Mice and chipmunks don't have a chance. They can be 100 yards away, and my boy can smell them. His nose will go up in the air and start to twitch, and no matter what you offer him, he is GONE! My dog training friend, Sandra, once told me that if I wanted Brutus to respond to the "come" command, it better be equal to filet mignon or forget it. When we were training him, we actually tried little pieces of steak to get him to come to us, but nothing equals the fun of chasing a rodent for Brutus. So, aside from chasing him, I just say forget it. Try to picture a running mouse, Brutus chasing the running mouse, and me chasing Brutus. Yeah, the only thing missing from that comic strip is a cat in the mix somewhere! Thankfully, they aren't allowed outside!

Much to Don's dismay, there are a lot of mice that hang out in "his" wood pile. I can't even tell you how many times he has restacked the wood pile this year, and for the sake of his happiness, I'm not going to include this particular wood pile in any of the pictures in this post!! Just don't think about it honey. I'm sure the wood pile fairies will come along and fix it.

So, today's antics started with me deciding it was such a nice, beautiful, cool day that Brutus and I should go down and sit by the lake for a while. He walked past the wood pile and had different ideas. Pretty soon he came walking past me with a log. Not just a little log, a BIG log!

Obviously, there was a critter of some sort in this log, and Brutus was going to get it.

He scratched and pawed.....
Rolled it around trying to throw whatever was inside, out....

Peeked and waited.........
Until, yes, he was successful. Somehow, that little booger knew that there was a tiny little mouse hiding for his life in that log. Poor thing! Now Brutus is going through the "sad face" pouts, because it won't play any more. I'm not feeling too bad for him.