Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Old Bait and Switch At It's Very Best

See that man up there? That's my husband Don, and he is not a happy camper today. Brutus pulled a fast one on him this morning. I haven't been able to quit laughing about it, but Don is pretty tired and hasn't quite been able to find the incredible humor in the situation yet.

Brutus had a tough night last night. I'm not sure what his problem was, but he was just uncomfortable. He typically sleeps at the foot of our bed. There was a time when he liked to sleep in between us, but lately (since our mattress has been losing some of it's firmness), Don has been sleeping more toward the middle of the bed, and it's pushed Brutus to the bottom of the bed.

Anyway, after getting on and off of the bed a few times, and trying to sleep on the floor and the occasional deep sigh, around 4:30 Brutus shook his head which makes his collar make noise and wakes me up so I will take him outside to go to the bathroom. OK, that was one very bad grammatical sentence! Anyway, I took him outside, got him his treat and figured that he'd crawl in and go back to sleep. I was exhausted from him not sleeping good during the night, so I crashed. Around 5:30 he decided to jump off the bed and shake his head again to wake someone up to "go outside to go potty". The thing is, he didn't really need to go.

I heard Don sit up and say "OK Buddy, let's go". Don got up and grabbed his robe and headed in to the bathroom and toward the hallway. Brutus waited until he was just out of the bedroom door, jumped in to his spot on the bed, put his head on Don's pillow and instantly pretended to be asleep. Don came walking back in the bedroom and was like "what the heck is this?". Brutus WOULD NOT move. I swear he was even pretending to snore. I seriously think that he was uncomfortable for most of the night and just figured he'd get Dad out of bed and steal his spot.

I immediately got the giggles. Honestly, Don laughed too, probably because he just couldn't believe what Brutus had just done. What a little bugger!  Needless to say, Don didn't go back to bed. He had to be up in a half an hour for work anyway, so he headed off to the computer. Brutus slept for three more hours......very comfortably. So funny!