Saturday, January 23, 2010

All Is Right With The Universe

So after Brutus's very bad day yesterday, I wasn't sure what to do. All I knew was that I didn't want a repeat, and I couldn't wait for Don to get to the lake. For the first time ever, I let Brutus out the door off leash to greet his Dad. He was so excited. He gave him lots of kisses, and then put his paws up onto the back of the open hatch of the Durango and started scoping out the truck. That little bugger was looking for his toy. I couldn't believe it. Don got a hold of it and threw it to Brutus, and he came bolting at the house like he had the biggest news ever. He ran in, jumped all over the place throwing his toy around and squeeking it like crazy. We're thinking that he maybe had a squeeky toy before he was thrown away, and maybe it gives him some sort of comfort. All I know is he was lovin life. Dad was home, the toy was home, mom had the carpet shampooer (thank God) and we could move forward. I think Sophie liked the pouty Brutus better. Instead of hanging out on the center island chairs, she headed back up on top of the refrigerator. He was acting like a crazy fool! I would get out of his way too.

On an even stranger note, Don got up during the night, and Brutus wasn't in his dog bed. This isn't a good feeling, being we don't trust him alone in the house yet. Where did he find him? On the green love seat that he had marked three times that day, which is also Sophie's favorite place to sleep. Can anyone say "competition"? Oy Vey!

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