Sunday, April 11, 2010


This was Brutus's first weekend at the lake with no ice. I truly believe that he thinks he was made just to be at the lake. Every time he comes in the house, he turns around and wants to go right back outside. I have been very tempted to let him "off leash", but after watching him with Don this morning, I'm sure he would run right down to the lake and jump in. It's true, labs are made for swimming.

Brutus and Don went for a couple walks yesterday, and on one of the walks Don took a trail by our neighbors house that ran along the lake. Brutus walked right in. Don couldn't tell if he thought he was just walking out on the ice like he always had, or if he actually knew it was water. With Brutus, you just never know. Anyway, he walked right in, stood there for a second and came buzzing right back out. I'm thinking the water is probably pretty cold. Later in the day when they were in the back yard, Don thought he was getting thirsty. They had been out there a long time, so he took him down to the lake for a quick drink. Again, Brutus walked right in. This time he came out sputtering. Hmmmm.

Today it seemed to all come together in his head. The two of them were out on the dock checking things out. I was up at the house, so I grabbed my camera and tried to zoom in the best I could from that far away. I could just SEE his brain working. It was the same way it was when we were in dog class and he went tearing out the door. It's almost like it ticks when he is calculating his decision.

They were on the dock looking at the beautiful lake, and then Brutus jumped in. At least now we know that he knows how to swim, which I never actually doubted. Now he is enamored with the water. His friend Mia, the neighbor dog has come over often and wanted to play, and I really think that Mia would be a good teacher for helping Brutus to stay in his boundaries, but now that he's had a taste of the water, I'm thinking I would probably find Brutus swimming across the lake, and I can honestly say, I have no desire at this point in the season to go swimming after him, so on his leash he will stay!! Sorry Brute.

He has the kind of personality where he would swim across the lake to the bar, charm someone for some treats (or beer), and swim back. Probably not a habit we should start. ;)

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  1. yes, knowing Brutus, he would just keep on swimming until he finally realized what he did wrong. Just like Sofie, those labs love to swim and explore and they just love the water. And Brutus could charm anyone!