Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Met Some Friends On Our Walk

Yesterday I took Brutus on a walk down the dirt road by our house, and we ran into three friends. It always freaks me out a little bit when I come across deer hanging out in the road when I'm walking. There was one time two summers ago when it was apparently mating season, and there was a male there with three females, and none of them felt like moving out of the road. They all just stood there staring at me. I think I stood in the same spot on that road for a solid five minutes before they decided to walk off. My pulse was a little fast that day!!

The three deer yesterday weren't too interested in having a chat with us. It probably didn't help that Brutus was along, and quite interested in checking them out. He didn't bark, but he pulled really really hard on the leash to get closer to them, which I had no intention of letting him do. One lesson that I have at least imagined I learned as a little girl is to not mess with wild animals.

So instead, I took my camera out of my pocket and took their picture.

Enjoy. :)

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