Monday, April 19, 2010

Ah, Lovin The Lake

Don is back in the cities at work today, and this time when he left, he snuck out. Brutus looked everywhere for him, but there wasn't that traumatic crying like last Sunday night....and Monday morning and Monday afternoon, and you get the point. He isn't nearly as happy when his Dad isn't here because Don is outside all of the time and I'm not, but I guess if he doesn't actually see him leave, he can survive. Whew!

Now that the weekend is over, the weather couldn't be more beautiful. The sun is out, the wind has all but gone away, and the temperature is in the seventies. I had done some book work this morning to the point that my neck was hurting, so it was Brutus walking time. The best part was that I got a nice kick in the butt part way through my walk. I was going to cheat and do a little walk, but my friend Pam came home from work (early) and wanted to join us. She was going to go home and take a nap, so I guess we motivated each other. We get talking and actually forget that we're even exercising, and about two and a half miles later, we were feeling pretty good, but Brutus was looking a little over heated. I decided I would be a nice mom and let him take a little dip in the lake. It was awesome.

At first I don't think that he thought I was for real. It's usually Dad that does these fun things, but I headed down there with a toy, the long leash, a bottle of water for me and my camera, and plopped my butt on the deck and let him play. I didn't really think the toy thing through. He played with it for a while, and than his ADDD (attention doggy deficit disorder) clicked in and he saw some chipmunks running around on the shore, and the toy floated away. Oh well. I guess it was worth the fun time he had. Note to self, only take toys down that have strings attached. Now I see the point in the new water toys that Don brought last weekend, and why he needed to tie ropes onto them. My "aha" moment.

One other tidbit. Brutus's ears (on the inside) are covered with gnat bites. Here's a hint that I got from a neighbor, which seems to actually work, and is user friendly for the dog. Tuck a dryer sheet in the back of their collar. There is something in the dryer sheet that seems to repel the gnats. I feel so bad for Brutus. I cleaned his ears with ear cleaner after he was in the lake, which is a must for the lab breed because their ears fold over and don't dry out well on their own, and then I put some hydrocortisone cream with aloe on his bites. He isn't scratching at them quite as much.

Have a great doggy day!

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  1. I can't believe you have like 50 posts and you never mentioned that you had a blog!!!

    I just finished reading all of it! I think I'm in love with your dog trainer.

    Looking forward to reading more!