Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Every Beginning Has An End

Whenever something begins, good or bad, it always has to come to an end, and today marks the end of Brutus getting to go for walks at the lake off leash. For the third time, fourth if you count Don's little excursion, Brutus and this guy (see below) have decided to play chase, and I have had it.

Today we were out for our usual walk, and I saw the above horned bandit in my neighbors driveway eating the flowers. He was probably a good twenty feet in, so I tried to keep Brutus's attention, and we managed to get past him and keep on going. Whew! I was so relieved. We got to the end of the road and were just getting ready to turn around and head back when the deer literally came running over toward us.

DOG GONE IT!!! Literally.

Man, Brutus was on that deers trail like nothing I had ever seen. I barely had time to say "NO, STOP, BRUTUS COME", and I couldn't even hear the brush in the woods moving anymore. Damn it. I walked back down to the end of the road where it meets up with the corn field, and there was no sign or sound of him, so I headed back down the road from where we had come from. I wasn't really planning on a double walk when I left the house this morning, and it is incredibly muggy out, so by now my shirt is dripping wet, and I am really not happy. Is this starting to sound like a broken record??

Part way down the road there is a trail that runs between the woods and the corn field, and since the wood ticks have died down considerably, I decided I might as well walk down the trail and do some calling to see if I can find him. No luck. Not even a sound. All I came out of there with is enough mosquito bites and deer fly bites to look like I have a minor case of the chicken pox.

So, I am once again sitting here wondering if I am:
1) Going to have a dog come home
2) If I do, is he going to be dragging deer parts with him, or
3) Is he going to be injured

If he does what he's supposed to do (from habit) and comes home and takes a dip in his purple pool to cool down from his excursion, he is going to get a bubble bath, and a very big time out. Grrrr! That'll show him.

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