Monday, August 23, 2010

It Was A Long Fun Day!

Well, it is the end of a very busy day for Brutus. I'm wondering if he isn't thinking that the lake is a more relaxing place to be!! We started out early this morning dropping his two feline sisters off at the vet, from there we went to the dog park where he met four new friends to play with. From there it was to McDonald's for a somewhat healthy breakfast and a big bottle of water, and then home for a little break while mom took a shower. After my shower, I was going to run back to the vet to pick up the girls, but Brutus insisted on coming with, so come along he did. It's probably a good thing, because his appointment is tomorrow, and the more familiar he is with the place, the better. I really hate to see him be sedated when he is such a gentle dog, but who knows what he went through in his prior life. And I do consider it an entirely prior life, because I can't imagine anyone living with him and being willing to not only throw him away, but allowing it to go so far as letting his time run out so he was facing the gas chamber. I still get sick just thinking about it.

So, we went in and picked up the girls, which went fine. I took Brutus in first to say "hello" to everyone, and then I took him out to the air conditioned car while I went back in and picked up the girls in their little kennels. Both had done really well during their check-ups, so no worries there. Brutus is going to have to have a booster shot tomorrow, and he isn't going to like it. If they do sedate him, I'm going to have them trim up his nails too. They have worn down a bit this summer just from walking on the gravel every day, but they could still use a trim, and when he sees me take out the nail trimmer, he starts jumping around the house like a bucking bronco!

I had a medical appointment this afternoon, so once all of the critters were back home, Brute had to go in his kennel for a couple hours. He seemed to handle it pretty well. Here's the sad part of the story. When I got home from my appointment, Don had gotten home just ahead of me and was heading down the road with Brutus for a walk. I stopped and said "hello" to them, and from that point on, Brutus would no longer walk with don. He drug Don back to the house to me. Kind of funny actually. So, we ate dinner, sat around for a little and waited for it to cool down, and all went for a walk together. Now Brutus is officially pooped. Goodnight everyone out there. Sleep tight!

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