Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ooooh Deer!

So, at the beginning of the summer I had talked about how I was nervous walking Brutus because there was a mama bear with three cubs in the neighborhood, and I wasn't sure what Brutus's reaction would be to the bears if we just happened to run in to them. If today was any indication, I am very thankful that we never did, or at least haven't yet.

We were out for our morning walk, and Brutus usually tools along several feet ahead of me. I keep his e-collar on him in case of an emergency, but I truly have never had an issue with him running off. He isn't great with his commands, which is my fault. If I say "heel", he will stop where he is instead of coming to my side and sitting down. If I was more strict, what would I write about?? Anyway, we were walking along, like this, and I was snapping pictures like I usually do.
As I'm snapping pictures, all of a sudden I see this. 
And then this. At this point I'm thinking OH SHIT, dropping the camera around my neck and starting to yell.You can see Brutus at the bottom of the picture in full on running mode.

Do you think he could have gone after the doe that ran to the corn field? Nope. He had to chase the little buck that ran all the way across the big open field and in to the woods. I called for him for quite a while, and yes my friends, I even zapped him. He didn't even break his stride. I'm sure that the adrenalin blasting through his body was much more powerful than the little punch he got from me. I was so mad. I finally gave up yelling for him and thought to myself "fine, go ahead and run away, I've had it". Childish wasn't it. In my defense, he did go to the neighbors yesterday and roll around in horse poop, so it hasn't been the greatest couple of days.

I walked back to the house and laid on the floor and wondered about all of the places that I could run away to. I've wanted to go visit Ashley all summer. Packing up and leaving sounded really good, but I'm not sure that the 110 degree heat index sounded good. I decided to keep thinking. I probably laid there pouting for a good half hour when I heard a noise outside. Really? Could he have possibly dared to come back after that great escape? I got up and looked out the door, and this is what I saw. Kind of impossible to kill a big boy in a purple pool. Good thinking on his part.
I picked the pickers off of him, washed the little bit of blood off from under his eye and we had a little chat. After all of that was over, he went to lay down on his green blanket and pout for a little bit. I turned around to look at him before I went back in to the house, and everything I had left in me just came barreling out. Some very ridiculous frog decided it was a good idea to go hang out with Brutus. Like I said, I give up.

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  1. So glad to see he came home!!!! Whew!

    lOVE YA! lORI