Monday, August 9, 2010

Feeling Guilty? Really??

Today, life gets back to normal. Don is back to work again, Don's parents, after a very nice five day visit headed home this morning, and Brutus WAS back to being bored. The heat here is excruciating (sorry people that live in the south), so there's no way that I'm going to hang out outside today and play with him. If he wants to play, he can play inside. :)

But no. Brutus had other plans. Now that Dad and Grandpa have both gone home, it was time to catch a chipmunk. I really wonder if he does this just to gross me out, or if the timing just happens to be so perfect that I am always the one stuck throwing the lifeless little buggers out in the woods. Anyway, he did his normal routine of coddling it for about four hours, and then the flies started to come in. Like I said, it is HOT today, and I'm sure it was speeding up the decomposition process. If I walked over to him, he would stick his butt up in the air, and lay his chin over the little guy. He is very protective of his chipmunks, so I had to let it be. Finally, he wanted to come in the house, without the chipmunk, thank goodness. He wanted to go out on the deck on the back of the house, so while he was out there, I ran to the garage, picked up the towel that was on his bed, which also held the victim, and flung it out into the woods. I ran as fast as I could with the towel in to the laundry room, threw it in with a load of laundry (hot water, bleach included) grabbed a new towel to put on Brutus's bed, came back in the house and sterilized my hands all before he could see me doing a thing. I thought I had fooled him, but he must have heard me shut the door, because the very second he got in from the deck, he went flying to the front door and rang the bells to get out like his life depended on it. As soon as I opened the front door he ran to see if his chipmunk was still there, and when it wasn't, he looked around for it, looked at me, and just hung his head and laid down.

OK people. Do I really have to feel bad about this? Because I do!! I have literally gone from a person that called Don at work practically screaming about how grossed out I was because Brutus had caught a chipmunk, to feeling bad about taking one away. I can't tell if I've made personal progress, or if I'm sliding in to some deep dark hole of horribleness. I do know that he will be getting a bath and having his teeth brushed before he crawls up onto the bed with me tonight. I can still say YUCK!

I will leave you with a cute picture of Brutus chasing chipmunks under the blackberry bushes this weekend. Of course, he didn't catch one this weekend, because Dad and Grandpa were here, and that just simply would have been too convenient.

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