Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If There Is A Doggy Heaven, It Will Have A Dairy Queen!

There isn't much in this world that Brutus loves more than the Dairy Queen, other than chipmunks of course, so today when I had to run in to town to do some errands, I decided to take the big guy with me and treat him to some ice cream. What started out as a great idea ended up turning in to the normal fiasco, but it was fun anyway. Let's just say that I have to make another trip in to town to run my errands!

I had a bunch of mail that needed to go to the post office, so thankfully I did that first. The other thing I needed to do was go to the grocery store, but the things that I needed to get also needed to stay cool, so I figured I would get Brutus his ice cream, and go to the grocery store on our way out of town. In retrospect, I probably should have reversed those two things. Brutus just gets so excited when he gets his ice cream, that everything else takes a back seat. 

Of course, I maybe "needed" to get a little sundae for myself too, and it maybe had some butterscotch on it. The problem with that was that I had to hold Brutus's cup for him while he ate, and there were no breaks for any adjustments. I set my sundae in my lap, and I made the mistake of letting go of it to grab my camera to take some pictures of Brutus. I was so involved in holding his cup and taking his picture that by the time he was done, and I had put my camera safely back in my camera bag, the butterscotch from my sundae was all over my lap. I mean, it was a MESS!! I actually let Brutus lick it off because I was running short on wet wipes, and I knew I would never have enough to clean up the mess if I didn't let him clean up most of it first. Yep, I was covered in sticky, gooey butterscotch, and it wasn't even for fun!! Not only was I bummed because I LOVE butterscotch, and rarely go in to town for a treat, but this also meant that I couldn't be seen in public again until I had gone home and changed my clothes. My pants were covered, and the bottom part of my white t-shirt too. So, while you are sitting there laughing at my stupidity, I'll show you the last two pictures of Brutus loving on his ice cream. And I mean loving it. A couple times he closed his eyes, and I was waiting for him to start purring. So worth it. :)
Sooooo Happy :)

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  1. I so adore him and am so glad he is so spoiled and taken great care of! YEAH! Joan