Monday, December 13, 2010

Brutus Scissor Teeth

Friday night when Don and Brutus headed to the lake, I headed out to do some shopping. The primary things on my list were cat food and milk. I came home with a new sofa and dog toys! I would say I got a little distracted. Happens to the best of us, doesn't it??

The toys I bought for Brutus were intended to go in his Christmas stocking, but the little stinker got his nose in to a small open space in my bedroom closet door, sliding it open, and managed to find the stuffed hedge hog I had bought him. He LOVES stuffed animals, especially with squeakers in them. Somehow Brutus was built with an internal "squeaker" detector, and a passion for unstuffing stuffed animals. As long as he doesn't do it to real animals, I'm cool with buying the occasional $3.00-$5.00 toy for him to have his fun with. The first thing to go is always the eyes. He literally puts his little front teeth around the attached eyeball, rips it off and spits it out. Next is usually the limbs. Once the limb pocket is open, he starts unstuffing the animal. He loves to pull the stuffing out bit by bit and spit it out. As soon as he can get a hold of that squeaker bag, out it comes. He squeaks it a few times, spits that out too, then shreds the rest of the animal. I can tell you with certainty that it goes this way every time. I would say that it's a big waste of a toy, but he enjoys himself like you wouldn't believe. So that was last night.

This morning he pulled the good old "mom's on the phone, what can I get away with" routine. I finally got fed up with trying to keep him entertained while I was on the phone, so I caved and gave him his other Christmas stocking toy. It WAS a twisted rope with a tennis ball in the middle of it. He loves to play tug of war, and chase after balls we throw, so this would be perfect. Or so I thought. I took the tags off and threw it to him, and he literally had it destroyed in five minutes. All that's left is the rope, and I'm sure he'll have that shredded in no time. On the bright side, it works great to clean his teeth. :-(

I'm just not sure what Santa's going to think about this.

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