Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Sad

Oh my God, if there is a dog that can break your heart, it is a Lab. All they have to do is look at you with those eyebrows, yeah, I said eyebrows, and you're toast.

Last Saturday Brutus got to play with the neighbor dog Yaeger, and he had the time of his life. On Sunday, Don was outside hanging up the Christmas wreath and Brutus got to go out to help him. Well, he decided he would hightail it right over to Yaeger's house to play again. The big problem with that was that he isn't allowed to hightail it out of our yard to go anywhere without us, and he wouldn't come back when Don told him to. He wanted to be with his friend, and that was pretty much all he cared about. So, Don had to go over to Yaeger's house and bring Brutus home, and Brutus got put on his outdoor tie while Don finished up his work. He was pretty unhappy, but he needs to learn.

Well, around comes Monday, and instead of going downstairs to go potty when he woke up, Brutus wanted to go out the front door. Yeah, right, I can't see through this one at all. The first thing on his mind when he woke up was going over to Yaeger's house again! Instead of letting him out loose, I put his outdoor tie on him, and this was the scene for the next thirty minutes until his paws got chilly and he decided to come in for some breakfast.

The front window is beveled....sorry for the bad picture!
Anyway, Yaeger's mom and dad both go to work during the day, so Yaeger is inside his house all day. He's probably just as sad as Brutus is. It's really quite pathetic. He's as pouty in the house as he is outside. Brother! Wait until we tell Don that we have to get another dog so Brutus has a playmate. JUST KIDDING!!!

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