Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Big Snow

We had our first big snowfall of the season yesterday, and this morning Brutus was MORE than excited to get out there and help Don get the driveway cleaned out. He had already been out back to go potty, (Brutus, not Don) so he had done a couple head dives into the fresh powder, and when dad said "Brutus, do you want to go outside with dad?" I thought his little butt was literally going to shake off. In this picture, his tail is wagging so fast that you can't even see it!!
We need to go back about fifteen minutes though. Brutus had been on the bed with me, looking out the bedroom window. The neighbor two doors down has a golden lab named Yaeger, and Brutus had been watching Yaeger play outside with his dad, and I could just see his mind going. This was going to be good. He and Yaeger have played on occasion, and Brutus has been known to sneak over and steal one of Yaeger's bones every now and then, so they are probably considered doggy friends.

So, Don opens the door, and this is what we see:

And he's Yaeger's house!!

And he made it!!

It's really hard to tell these two apart, but Brutus is the one with the deflated ball in his mouth. Yaeger is slightly bigger than Brutus, and has ruffly fur on his tail. Otherwise, I have mistaken Yaeger for Brutus a few times!! Also Brutus always has his collar on, and Yaeger rarely does.

These two played and played and played. It was awesome, and so much fun to watch. They were like two kids in a candy store that hadn't had sugar in a year!
This is when it gets funny. They had been playing for quite a while, and I think they were getting tired, at least Brutus was. He had Yaeger's ball, and he decided to lay on it to take a break.

Yaeger was like "dude, this is totally not fair. Get off the ball!! Come on man!!" But Brutus stayed right where he was.

Pretty soon Yaeger had had enough and decided he was going to tell his dad. He started barking like crazy. I still have the flu, so I was in my bedroom window, two houses away, and I could hear him. It was  hilarious!!
It worked. They were up and running around again, and having a blast. I think Brutus just needed to catch his breath. He's such a goof. At one point he was rolling around in the snow, and I know him well enough to know that he was just thinking "man, this is so awesome"!! Yaeger was looking at him like he was crazy!
Then it was time to come home. Yaeger's dad was done with his driveway, and Don needed to get busy with his. I love that we can "occasionally" trust Brutus to just play outside now. We were so worried when we moved back from the lake that being outside off leash was going to be a huge issue, and he certainly hasn't been perfect, but he keeps getting better and better, and days like this certainly make it worth his while to stick around. 
Today was an awesome day in Brutus land!!

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