Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Your Sleep Number?

So, the week that Don was gone, Brutus decided that he LOVED sleeping on his side of the bed. Apparently it's much more comfy than the bottom of the bed, which would make sense since it not only has a nice little sleep number assigned to it, but it has years of molding added to it too. Probably too many years. I can no longer get the bed to look nice and smooth on top. You can always tell where our body "dents" are.

When Don came home, Brutus really didn't think that it was such a great idea that he moved off from "his" side of the bed. It kind of started with Don crawling in to bed to watch TV. Brutus would see him coming, and he would run over, jump on the bed and plop himself down right on Don's side of the bed so Don couldn't lay there. Don would have to push him over toward the middle, but Brutus literally turned himself in to dead weight. Of course, I was laughing the whole time because Brutus was acting like a big child, and well, I'm not going to say how Don was acting. :)

Then Don was waking up exhausted. He said that Brutus was taking over his pillow. He would start out with just his head on the pillow next to him. Then he would move his head so it was sort of cradling Don's head, and then it would end up that his head was on top of Don's. Not good. Keep in mind that while all of this is going on, Brutus is snoring and also moving his body over closer toward Don too.

Well, last night I was having trouble getting to sleep, so I was sitting on the bed doing some stuff on my laptop. Pretty soon Brute was snoring and had laid down with his head right next to Don's. I just couldn't resist getting a picture. I know that Don isn't going to be happy about this one, but honey, just remember that it was funny, OK????

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