Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brutus's First Birthday (With Us)

Today is the first anniversary of Brutus becoming a Peterson. If it weren't for the kind heart of someone working to save the lives of thousands of lovely animals that are killed every day, for reasons that seem incomprehensible to me, we would never have gotten to know this lovely soul. This sweet boy who gives soft nose kisses to his dad, and curls up with him at night to share his pillow. Or the funny jealous boy who gently head butts his feline sisters to make sure that they don't get any treats off of mom's plate when she's having a snack on the bed, because we all know that any leftovers on mom's plate certainly belong to Brutus. The boy who a year ago was peeing on what seemed like everything, and now literally jumps up and down on the bed to wake me up if he needs to go potty. Boy what a difference a year makes.

In honor of his birthday, I filled a Kong up with mostly peanut butter and just a little kibble, instead of the other way around, and put a candle on top (unlit of course). I dug out the "You Are Special Today" plate which was a wedding gift to Don and I, and which we used during any special occasions during our life. Mostly to make the kids nuts on their birthdays, but they are very happy memories. Especially when Andrew chose to have his birthday dinner at Wendy's, and we still made him eat on the red plate!! Anyway, I got it all set up and called Brutus upstairs, thinking that I could get him to sit for at least thirty seconds to get a picture of him. Boy was I WRONG!!

Two things happened. One, ever since I put the deer antlers on Brutus and embarrassed him, he has become scared of my camera. All he has to do is hear the click, and he runs and hides, and two, he smelled peanut butter! He was all over that Kong and outta there before I could even back up far enough to barely get him in the camera screen. So, here is a very blurry sequence of Brutus stealing his birthday Kong and dashing. The candle went with him, and by the time I got to him it was gone. Don, you should probably keep your eyes open for that one. lol!!

Happy One Year Anniversary/Birthday Brutus. It's been a great year!!

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