Saturday, April 14, 2012

Update On Lily Girl

Lily shortly after arriving at her new forever home.
I was hanging out on my computer this morning, like I always seem to be doing, and a little notice came up that I had a new email. When I looked and saw that it was from my cousin Darla, I was SO excited. Darla is part of a friend couple that adopted Lily the Beagle. The other half of the friend couple is Roger. They have been life long friends, and share a duplex, so Lily gets double the loving. She looks so adorable and happy, and from the sound of it, all of her wrestling and barking and digging and chasing needs are being fulfilled and adored. I truly couldn't be happier.

Lily and Zep wrestling! Thank goodness it isn't the cats!

Just a few days after Roger came to pick Lily up from our house, I received an email from him that he had also committed to adopting a little 9 month old male Pomeranian named Zeppelin. I'm thinking that Zep may have a little rock and roll in him. Darla said that he is the pack leader, which cracks me up. In our house, Lily definitely ruled Brutus, and she was about 1/5th of his size! I think she maybe needed someone that could put her in her place. Brutus would just get sad and go outside and pout. Apparently her new brother Zep loves to play and run and wrestle, and they are becoming true siblings. My gratitude to Janice and Roger and Darla is just over flowing right now!

Tug of war
Ryan buddy, hopefully these will make you as happy as they made me. It's wonderful to know that if we all work together, animals can be loved, well taken care of and definitely find the right forever home. :)

Lily and Darla enjoying a beautiful day.

Where is she going?

Lily and Zeppelin stand at the window and watch Darla leave for work. Roger is retired from working outside of the home, and is currently remodeling the duplex, so the "kids" get to play all day with Dad. Roger put a fenced area in the back yard, and a doggy door in, so Lily and Zep are able to go in and out to play. How awesome is that?!

This has to be the most adorable picture ever. Apparently Lily claimed this end of the sofa as soon as this became her home, and I'm guessing that Zep just had to find his little bit of space to squeeze in to the snuggle pile.
The best Daddy ever.



  1. awww... i'm so glad that things worked out! she looks so happy!

  2. Hello! We are the family that gave up Zeppelin so I just had to comment. We have been thinking of and missing Zeppelin every day, and so hoped that he has ended up with everything we couldn't give him. I happened to google him and we are thrilled to see that he is in the PERFECT place-someone to be home with him so he doesn't have to be crated when the family is at work and school, a fenced back yard with a doggy door, and a doggy sibling to play with all day! Thank you, thank you Sheri for making this post, complete with pictures, to put our minds at ease!

    About a month after surrendering Zep to Mn Small Dog Rescue, to "maintain the Kharma balance in the universe", so to speak (I was incredibly guilty for having to give Zeppelin up), we adopted another rescue animal, this time a cat that is a much better fit with our family. She is a 9 month old completely blind cat (her eyes had to be removed due to severe infection), but the funny thing is that she is Zeppelin, in cat form-a rambunctious, lovey-dovey doll, and like him in so many un-cat like ways, right down to her habit of tipping over the bathroom garbage in search of a toy!

    Warmest regards, and thanks again!