Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brutus Is Such A Two Parent Dog

When Don and I are together, even if it's during a normal schedule and Don is at work, Brutus does great. He is a creature of habit and really likes to have both of us around him. Yesterday and this morning Brutus got to play outside while Don did yard work, but he knew that I was around the whole time, and any time that he needed to say "hello", he just knocked on the door, came in and gave me some loving and went back out to play. Don had him off leash all weekend and he didn't run away once. Most of the time he was by the wood pile out back looking for.......wait for it.......chipmunks!
Don was heading back to the city shortly after lunch today to get the yard work done at that house, and I have to stay at the lake one more night. When Don got here on Friday, there was a slip in our mailbox that the post office had tried to deliver a package a week and a half ago, but we weren't here, so they're holding it (hopefully) so I have to go to the post office in the morning. I can't imagine what it would be. I'm very curious about that one!

Anyway, Don came in to say goodbye and was giving me a hug, and Brutus had to put his arms around us too. He's such a goof. But as soon as Don drove out of the driveway, the naughtiness started right up. First he was in and out of the door about twenty times. When I finally told him "enough!", as soon as I walked away, he went in to the bathroom and attacked the roll of toilet paper. When is it that children stop having tantrums?

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