Thursday, October 7, 2010

Scaredy Dog :(

I'm going to start this post by saying that our next door neighbor has three Pomeranians. I shouldn't have to say more, but I will, they bark and bark and bark. They are little fur balls with barkers built in to their bodies. Every time Brutus is in the back yard, they stand at their fence and bark at him. Brutus usually stands there and looks at them like "what do you want you silly little puff balls?" Today he was doing his usual standing there looking at them like they were nuts when he got a big surprise. The crabby guy who lives next door came running out onto his deck in his bathrobe with a newspaper in his hand and yelled at them to stop barking, while slapping the newspaper against his hand.

Brutus turned on his heels and bolted for the door. I let him off of his tie, and he ran in to his crate for safety. I had to laugh. He was absolutely scared to death. It's been thirty minutes, and he is still pouting. I did manage to get him out of his crate and upstairs on to our bed, but he is still really upset. Maybe I should have hired the neighbor to train him. Lol!!

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