Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Way, No How!

I am back at the lake getting ready for our annual soup party, and I have spent the last hour trying to convince Brutus to drop the mouse in the mouse trap that he keeps bringing to the door. I would just ignore him, but every time I close the door, he knocks again, and I don't really need the door completely scratched to pieces.

Each time he would come to the door I would try to bribe him with something to get him to drop the mouse. I even tried a hot dog, which he will even get in the tub for, and it was a no go. You should have seen him battling that decision around in his head. He does a lot of talking with his eyebrows, and they were flying! When I would tell him "NO", he would take the trap (with the mouse in it) over to the garage and put it back in this little leaf pile to protect it. Once he had dropped the mouse, I would try to call him in to the house, and he would run right over and pick the mouse back out from the leaves and come buzzing up to the door. Gross gross gross!!

It literally took an hour, but he did finally hide it and come in. He had his teeth brushed, had a treat for finally being a good boy, and is now snuggled up at my feet. Oh Brutus..........

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