Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Way To Ride

I have a down pillow that is so old that I can't even remember how long I have had it, but I would say that at least half the down has floated away over the years, making it extremely soft. I take this pillow with me every time I go anywhere that I'm going to be sleeping. It works perfectly for filling in that little space in my neck that doesn't get supported by hard pillows at a hotel, or it works great for putting between my knees if my back is sore. Somewhere along the road (well traveled) Brutus has gotten attached to this pillow too.

I will admit that his attachment is probably my fault. It started out that he seemed uncomfortable on our long car rides. He would do a lot of standing up and turning circles and plopping down, trying to get comfortable. At some point, I decided to put my pillow on his seat, and that was all it took. He melted his chin into the softness of that little cloud, and everything became right with the world (during his car ride). When we get home, I throw a clean pillow case on the pillow, and on we go. Chances are, he probably drools less than I do anyway. lol!

When we got home from the lake last night, the sky was clear and it was still pretty nice outside. We got unpacked, and I went to my usual spot on the bed with all of the animals and my laptop, and Don headed to the room across the hall where he has his office and his computer. I hadn't been sitting there any longer than a half an hour when I heard this long guttural rumble outside. It kind of gave me that sick feeling in my stomach, because the only thing I could think of that it could be was an airplane in trouble. It just kept rumbling. Then it stopped, and I didn't hear anything again for about fifteen minutes. All of a sudden there was another rumble, a huge bolt of lightning, and the skies opened. Brutus went flying off my bed and ran for the office and went right past Don's legs and under the desk. He was SO scared. I don't blame him. That storm came out of nowhere! From that point on, it never really stopped. The thunder let up, but the rain and winds have continued.

After about an hour we finally lured Brutus out from under the desk with some treats and got him to come back up on the bed, but that's where he stayed. When Don said goodnight, Brutus had his head on Don's pillow with his back snuggled right up next to Don's back, and he wasn't going anywhere. I guess he felt safe next to his Dad during the storm. The problem was, he was snoring like a bear. I finally got up and went out to the living room sofa until I knew I was so tired that even his snoring wouldn't keep me awake.

Such a spoiled boy. I promised him he would never be hurt or scared again, and I really did mean it. Some times when I look in to those deep eyes, my heart still breaks from whatever hurt he went through. It's something I don't now, and probably never will have the ability to comprehend. 

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