Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Unbelievably Gross!!

There are pictures that I could have taken today of my big boy that would have made the average person gag, or at least feel quite sad.  I took some bad ones, but trust me, I only posted one that is hiding the evidence.

As I've posted in the past, Brutus has this incredible fascination with chipmunks. They taunt him and tease him, and he loves it. He spends most of his day on high alert chasing them and trying to figure out where they are.

Well, today, he got one. To be honest with you, I don't think he meant to kill it. We were headed out through the garage where his tie was. It had been raining all morning, so that's where I had brought him in, and then shut the garage door. He went trailing off in front of me on our way back out, and came back a couple minutes later with a very limp chippy in his mouth, so excited that he could hardly stand it. He put it down in front of me and jumped around like the best thing ever had just happened. Then he kind of stopped. He poked it a little, and jumped back like he was waiting for it to take off, but of course it didn't. He looked so confused. He picked it back up and went to the door of the house. No way was that gonna happen!! It took everything I had to reach around his neck and get a hold of his leash so I could hook his tie onto him and open the garage door, with the hope that he would take the poor thing outside and leave it there.

What does he do? He takes it out to the front of the house in the plants where they usually play chase, puts it down and does the same little dance like he's saying "come on, lets go!". All it did was lay there and get wet in the rain, which made it look even more pathetic. He looked up at me with these big sad eyes, and when I made the mistake of saying "it will be OK", he picked it up to bring it in the front door. No no no, still not happening. I had to close the door and leave my sad boy standing there. Yuck. The dead mouse in the trap last week was bad enough. This was beyond my abilities.

The last time I looked out the door, he had the very wet, very dead chipmunk laying on his little bed with him. I took a DentaBone out to him so he could at least freshen his breath a little. I know. Stop laughing, but it is just too gross. I still haven't decided what to do about this situation. The chippy is NOT coming in the house, and Brutus doesn't seem to want to leave it, so the saga will continue. Ugh!!!


  1. Ugh, Sofie did that with a rabbit. She didn't mean to kill it, she just wanted to play and she couldn't understand that it was not going to move anymore. It was a sad day for me because I love rabbits also. Poor Brutus!

  2. You'll just have to get rid of it when you can.He'll get tired of it sometime.