Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too Close For Comfort

We headed back to the lake yesterday, and had a LOT of stuff to bring back with us, so all four of our furry friends had to sit in the middle seat of the Durango. The two Calico cats always ride in their little crates. Trust me, it's safer for everyone, and they don't fuss at all once they are in them. Princess is much older and wiser, and would be quite offended being put in a crate. She prefers to lay cozied in on the seat, or find a tight little spot on the floor. Brutus? Well, that's anyone's guess. He kind of flops in to whatever position he can.

So, we stacked the two kitty crates on one side of the seat, Princess laid right next to them, and Brutus took up the other 3/4 of the seat. Princess glared at him the whole time. A couple times Brutus accidentally rolled over a little bit and laid his head back, thus laying his head on her, and she let him have it. He'd look at us with those big pathetic eyes like "do I really have to sit by her?". I tried to get Princess to sit on my lap, but she actually walked right back to the same spot by Brutus, so I figured she could fend for herself. It was a crazy ride.
Can't you just hear the bad words coming out of that look!

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