Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wild Goose Chase.......Literally

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to take Brutus and go fishing. He loves riding on the boat, and typically, he likes to think of himself as another Leonardo DiCaprio. I'll give him that. He is quite handsome. He loves to stand at the front of the ship (pontoon boat) and let the wind blow through his beautiful golden locks of hair (OK, reddish golden ears) and feel the small drops of the ocean (the lake) on his face (snout?).
OK, back to reality. So, we're buzzing across the lake after we had given up on fishing. Neither one of us had gotten a single bite, and we were dying from the heat. Time to give it up. We decided to take a little detour to see if the eagles were on their nest, which is at the opposite end of the lake, and when we were over there, we ran in to these......
Now "these" were minding their own business, and didn't even freak out when we drove past, but Brutus had a very visceral reaction. Suddenly, he was looking like this.......
This is where the photo part of this story ends. In the mere seconds it took me to lower my camera, I heard Don yell "NO BRUTUS". I looked, and Brutus had climbed over the railing on the back of the boat and SPLASH, he was in the lake swimming toward the geese. I absolutely couldn't believe it. We were a long way from the geese. I have a pretty good telephoto lens on my camera, so this guy was going to have quite a swim. Of course, in the time I was processing all of this, Don whipped the pontoon around and started driving toward Brutus going pretty fast. He told me to take the wheel and drive right for him, so I did. There were a lot of boats out on the lake, and I'm sure they were all having a great time watching this go down.

Don opened the front gate to the boat, and when I got just up to Brutus with the boat I put it in reverse and Don tried to grab him, but he swam under the side pontoon and off to the side to get away. Ugh, all I could think about was how mad Don was going to be. So, I backed the boat up again and headed straight for him again. This time when I got close to him, Don yelled "NO" again, and Brutus actually froze right where he was. I went to the front of the boat and helped Don lift him back in. I was waiting for all hell to break loose, but honestly, it was so funny that all we could do was laugh, and he was a good boy to stop and let us bring him in. For as bad as he wanted those geese, he certainly could have kept swimming.

We kept a much closer eye on him until the geese were completely out of sight, and spent the rest of the boat ride home breaking out in occasional laughter. We were soaked from pulling Brutus up on the boat, which actually felt pretty good, but you know what, life is never dull, and we certainly have Brutus to thank for that one. Oy Vey!!

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