Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are You Talkin To Me??

Since we have been back in the city, I have noticed that our little Sophie follows me right on my heels every time Brutus goes downstairs to go potty. At the lake she always kept a pretty close eye on Brutus too, but this closeness was going up and beyond the call of duty. Then I started to notice extra meowing, as in a LOT of meowing. I went out to the screened in porch to see what the deal was, and here she was "yelling" at Brutus.

Now I can't honestly say if this is because she is jealous of him being able to be outside, or she's worried about him, or neither A or B. She might just feel like yelling at him, and the screened in porch is a safe place to do it, but it's crazy. When I came out to check on them this morning, Brutus was just laying on the ground looking at me like "will you get her out of here? She's scaring away all of the chippies".
I went out and scooted Sophie off of the ledge, and Brutus went back to playing, but it only lasted for a minute. She just jumped up on a different ledge and started all over again. It's going to be a funny Fall. :)

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