Monday, May 9, 2011

Almost Glad I Was Sick!!

Well, it sounds like Don and Brutus had a down and dirty boys weekend at the lake. When I hear about weekends like this, I am always really really glad that I wasn't there to "enjoy" the fun!! I think Brutus has Don in his life to help make up for the fact that I bought him a purple kiddie pool last summer!

Don said that when they got to the lake Friday afternoon, the first thing Brute did was run down and jump in the lake to go for a swim. It's still incredibly chilly in that water, so I assume that he has some kind of long underwear built in to his fur. As soon as he came out of that ice cold lake, he decided it would be great fun to roll around in the mud and get as dirty as he possibly could. Yep, he's all boy. Friday night is pool night at the local bar, so Brutus had a quick bath in the lake, a quick drying off and that was good enough for a Friday night. So not a mom's way of doing things!!

Saturday Don spent the day working out in the yard, and Brutus was back in the lake. This time he found a real treasure. Dead fish. Not only were they dead, but they were rotten, which was all the better. They had washed in to the little nooks along the shore during the course of the ice melting. Apparently at least one of them got eaten, and thrown up, and a couple more got brought up on to shore and rolled in. Oh to be a boy!! Like I said, so glad I wasn't there! I guess there were also wood ticks involved, but I'm not even going to go there. I'm still recovering from last summer's crop. Yuck!! This day he was so dirty and stinky that Don actually pushed him off the dock to give him a pre-bath before he could take him in to the house for an actual bath. I'm thinking that that was a GREAT decision. :D

By the time that Brutus and Don got home on Sunday afternoon, both smelled great. Brutus had been bathed and brushed, and even had his ears cleaned. There was no evidence remaining of the great time that they had had, and I was thrilled that Brutus had gotten to be all boy....with someone other than me!!


  1. I absolutely love that boy and that he is so loved and spoiled! Joan

  2. awww....look at him! he looks soooo happy to be able to see you! sweet boy. and he's letting you take a picture of him too!! good job brutus! ((hugs))