Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brutus Eats A Bottle Of Medicine, Ugh!

So when is the best time for a dog to eat a whole bottle of Imodium AD? After the veterinarian's office closes, of course!! Now keep in mind that we are good doggy parents, and we are not above calling the emergency vet line, but we have been there with our cat Princess before, and it ended up costing us about a semester of college, so we decided to use some of the resources we had at hand first.

The number one go to resource? Google. What did we ever do before Google!! I swear. If there is anything I have a question about, to Google I go. First I typed in Imodium AD overdose, dog. It basically just said it wasn't good. Major constipation (that would make sense) and slowed respiratory system (that didn't sound good). It didn't give any solutions. Next I decided I would check to see what the actual "normal" dosage of this drug for a dog would be so I could figure out just how overdosed Brutus was. Turns out he was WAY overdosed. He had taken about five to six times more than his system could handle. OK. Next thing to Google. How to make a dog throw up. Answer: Pour one teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide toward the back of the throat. This will bubble and cause the gagging reflex to react and cause the dog to vomit. It warns that you will want to be outside, or have the dog on newspapers on a washable surface. After the fact, I had to laugh at that one. Poor Brutus.

We took him outside, and I had put the peroxide into a 1/4 cup measuring cup so it would be easier to pour in to his mouth. He knew we were up to something, so he locked his jaw, but thankfully he has a little gap in his bottom teeth, so down the hatch it went. We sat there for about five minutes and nothing happened. Well, that wasn't cool. I went back in to the house and poured some of the peroxide in to the sink to make sure it was still good and would bubble. It did. OK. Second teaspoon on it's way down Brutus's throat. We got the second one down, and he backed away from us and looked really sad. Then he started to burp, and then all hell broke loose! That poor boy. I still wasn't feeling great (lucky me), so I went back in the house, but Don was outside with him for about 15-20 minutes, and by the time he came in there was nothing left in that boys tummy, and he was very offended. Apparently he remembered that it was me that did the "pouring" because when he came in the house he wouldn't even look at me. Don was outside cleaning up some "messes" in the yard, and Brutus waited at the top of the stairs for his dad to come back in the house. He wouldn't even come to bed until Don came to bed.

When Don did come to bed, Brutus crawled up in to his arms and laid his head on his chest and went to sleep, snoring like a little bear.

Lessons learned: I have to keep medicine off of my bedside table, and Hydrogen Peroxide works miracles.

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  1. oh. my. lanta. brutus is a mischievious boy isn't he?? stuff like that always happens. glad that you were able to help him out, even if it means him holding a grudge. i just hope that he will forgive you soon. maybe you'll need to get him some treats :) and what a great hubby you have to handle all of that. i wouldn't have been able too. anytime our cats give us a hairball, i go running out of earshot. makes me gag. get some rest and feel better soon. andie