Friday, August 19, 2011


Totally Passed Out
Brutus did such a good job at his vet appointment today. He just melted my heart. He's gone from having to be pulled across the floor and lifted up on to the scale, to actually walking across the floor all by himself and sitting on the scale like a good boy. He was very sweet with the receptionist instead of growling at her, and he didn't get scared until they had to close the door to the exam room.

I had called ahead of time and talked to the receptionist about Brutus and his past experiences at the clinic, so she had everything ready. The paper work was ready to sign, and she let us stay out in the lobby area until the very last minute. The Vet Tech had the sedative ready to go when we got to the room so there was no time for Brutus to get upset. She said a friendly hello to Brutus and "pow", she got him. He didn't even have time to know what hit him. It took a good fifteen minutes for him to go "down", but he did. He didn't ever completely go to sleep, but he was definitely mellow. The funniest part was when the Vet Tech came in to put the IV in him, and I had muzzled him, but he tried so hard to growl at her. It almost sounded more like a purr. Mission accomplished. Honestly, I don't think that he will remember the experience.

His check up went great. At his last appointment, the Vet wanted Brutus to lose a few pounds, and he has done that. He is down six pounds, and the doctor today said if he loses five more he will be perfectly fine. He had his teeth cleaned up, but he chews bones so often that there was very little build up. I was afraid that he had fleas, but he actually has a bacterial infection on his skin from being in the lake and being wet so much. Plus, the Vet said to only rinse him off and not actually shampoo him each night. Yuck. That makes for a very stinky dog after being in our lake!! Nails were clipped, shots were given and he's good for another six months. Whew.

I had picked up the stuffed monkey that Brutus has in his mouth in the picture above at the PetSmart store while he was at the clinic. Brutus loves stuffed animals (so he can unstuff them), and I wanted to bring him something to make him happy when I picked him up. Truth be told, he's still pretty drugged up. It's in his mouth, but he's sound asleep!! The joy of drugs. Hopefully he will stay asleep for a little longer so he doesn't realize that dad is going to the lake without him this weekend. He needs to keep his skin dry for a few days to let the rash heal, and there is absolutely no way to keep that boy out of the water when he is at the lake.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I think Brutus is chasing chipmunks in his sleep. :)

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  1. that's hilarious!!! sounds like the vet went okay then, huh?