Monday, March 26, 2012

Lily Bear

Tonight Brutus boy had a bath, had his ears cleaned, and had lots and lots of wrestle time with dad, and snuggle time with mom. Tomorrow Brutus is meeting his little sister Lily. I know what a LOT of you out there are thinking. WHAT??? I know, I know. We already have three cats, that I adore, and we have Brutus who is like a mini tornado of energy and love all wrapped up in to one. Trust me when I say that we had never planned on adding another pup to our family. BUT, and there is always a but, I saw this little face. I am blaming my cousin Janice for this one.

Janice runs an animal rescue called P.A.W.S. of Jackson County in Southern Minnesota. She also has a Facebook page for her rescue, so when these precious little faces come along, I see them. The majority of the animals that come through her rescue are cats, and I am at my city limit, thank goodness. Otherwise, I would be the cat lady, and probably divorced. Don is so patient (and I think he might even secretly love) the cats. He has always been a dog lover, and I was the cat lover. After we adopted Brutus, I became a "both" lover. They are completely different animals, and both offer such wonderful companionship and unconditional love.

So, about Lily. Lily lived in a home where she was beaten, had food withheld, and probably many more things that I don't even want to know about. Her Foster Mom Amy took her in to her home without reservation. She said that she could just see the hurt and fear in this little girl's face. Amy has fallen in love with Lily, and would keep her herself, but she already has three dogs, so..... she gets to come and be Brutus's little sister. As all of you who know us know, she will be one spoiled little girl. She is very small. She only weighs 15 lbs. and stands 13 inches tall. She is one year old.

Our hope is that she and Brutus will become fast friends. Brutus is fearful of large dogs, and tiny yippy dogs, so Lily should be just right. When we go to the dog park, or when Brutus goes to daycare, Lily is the type of dog that Brutus usually hangs with. Actually, it's usually the type of dog trying to hump him, but that's a whole different story! Lily isn't a barker, and she has been bell trained to go outside to go potty, which Brutus is also bell trained. We understand that it is going to take some time for this little to adjust to the house and to us, as well as the cats and Brutus, so I'm sure there will be accidents. Nothing can compare to Brutus's first couple days here. The first day he lifted his leg and peed all over my white sofa, and the second day here was our first day alone together. Do any of you remember this? Yeah, two minutes alone and there was white pillow stuffing all over my living room! I couldn't scold him because I was too busy laughing and trying to take his picture. This is still Don's screen saver at work. It's definitely a great conversation starter!

We should be home by dinner time tomorrow, and after some warming up and loving time, I will be sure to log back on to the blog and update everyone, hopefully with pictures and some great news.

Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow. I'm going to have a long drive with the two dogs together on my way back home, and I'm really hoping it goes OK. I feel bad for little Lily being pulled from the first family that loved her enough to show her kindness. Hopefully she will adjust quickly.

Until tomorrow........


  1. Can't wait to meet Lily! I'm sure Brutus and Lily will be great companions for each other!!!

  2. look at that sweet face in that picture.... i don't blame you for falling in love with her. poor baby sounds like she's had a tough little life. but i know that your loving home will help her move past that and have the best puppy life ever!