Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing Out


Between my camera and my keyboard, I have missed out on sharing so many awesome moments in the last few weeks, darn it! It always bums me out when something inspires me to write, and then I get distracted (lazy) and don't get it done. So, today I'm going to do a little bit of back tracking.

Let's go back about two weeks ago. It had been warm enough outside to melt the little bit of snow that we had finally gotten in Minnesota, but not warm enough to make the melted snow really go anywhere. Thus, our back yard turned in to a virtual skating rink. Brutus always does his business in the back yard, and that morning when I let him outside, it was a bit of a challenge. Lifting his leg on the shrub wasn't too bad because there is mulch there to dig his nails in to, but heading out to the yard to do the rest of his business turned in to a comedy, at least for me, and probably our neighbors.

He always does this little dance of going back and forth several times until suddenly he squats. It's like all of a sudden his body says "now"! Well, first he was having trouble getting his grip while he was pacing back and forth, and then when he was finally ready to squat, he went sliding right down the hill. It completely freaked him out. He slowly crawled his way back up the slope of the yard and tried again (there's only one area that he's willing to poo). The same thing happened. This time he gave up and came crawling to me, but the problem with that scenario was that it got his tie twisted around the tree. That meant that I had to go out and get him untangled. I headed out to get him and landed right on my bum. It didn't feel that funny to me, but I was convinced that if the neighbors were watching, they were probably laughing so hard that they had wet their pants by that point. Just the site of watching a poor dog who's trying to poop sliding down a hill was funny enough. I was finally able to reach Brutus, and instead of untangling his tie, I just unhooked him. We both crawled to the screened in porch. He did end up taking care of his business out front by the garage, but he wasn't happy about it. He's a creature of habit!

The other funny thing that has disrupted Brutus's life in the last couple weeks is that Don and I switched sides of the bed. You are probably wondering why. Well, in a nutshell, I'm always warm at night, and Don is always cold. Don sleeps on the side of the bed where the heating vent is, and even though it's blowing warm air, he still doesn't like the feeling of the air blowing on him. We've talked about this for the last fifteen years, and we finally just decided to make the change. It has completely thrown all of the animals for a loop. I don't think that Don and I had more than two or three hours of sleep the first night. He didn't realize how often the cats sneak in and snuggle with me after Brutus goes to sleep, and they give off a lot of body heat. I didn't realize how often Brutus lays right on top of Don's legs.

The first night we both woke up at midnight. I said "I can't feel my legs". Don said "I am covered in cats and I am so hot"! It went like that the whole night. The second night was a little better, mostly just because I couldn't sleep and at about 1:00 I finally went in to Ashley's old room and crawled in to bed in there. The cats followed me, so Don was very comfortable in the bed with just Brutus. Night number three, Don slept in Ashley's room. I think we both actually slept in the same bed on Thursday, and then Don and Brutus went to the lake for the weekend. I WILL say that I enjoy having that little breeze on me at night, and Don seems to be staying nice and warm on my old side of the bed, so we'll keep giving it a chance. We are all creatures of habit!

Other than that, Brutus's life is still awesome. He spent the weekend at the lake running and playing outside, and visiting with the neighbor dog Kiera. He loves being at the lake, and always pouts for a while when he gets back to the Cities. Especially when mom insists that he have a bath, which I did! He was filthy, just like he wanted to be. :)

It's just about purple pool time again. Woot Woot!

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  1. bwahahahah! i would've loved to see that! what a funny sight! glad that you didn't hurt yourself, though. isn't sleep a funny thing? we sleep in separate bedrooms and sleep much better because of it. we actually get along better.