Monday, November 8, 2010

And My Heart Completely Melted

As anyone who has read this blog knows, Brutus can be a very enthusiastic "greeter" when it comes to meeting new people. Once you say your "hellos" to him, he typically goes about his own business and leaves you pretty much alone. If you ignore him, I can guarantee you are going to get a big juicy hug.

This morning I had Brutus out for his usual walk, and I could see that a very tiny woman was coming toward us about a block away. As we got closer to her, I could see that it was probably about an eighty something very tiny woman, maybe 80 lbs. soaking wet. I had this little feeling of panic, because I never want Brutus to try to buzz over and say "hello" to people that don't want to be said "hello" to. Mind you, I always have him leashed, and can put a stop to a greeting very quickly, but it can startle people to even have a dog turn their way. When the woman and I were just across the street from each other, I gathered Brutus's leash so he was right next to my leg, and we started to cross. She came toward us and stopped right in the middle of the road and put her hand out for Brutus to come over and smell it. I said "good morning" to her, and held on to Brutus for dear life, but he very gently walked over to her, smelled her hand, sat right next to her and put his head on her leg. He treated her like a butterfly. I was in utter shock.

She cooed at him for about a minute (thankfully it was a very quiet side street) and then went on to tell me that she had always had black labs, and how she still fights to get rid of those "darn" puppy mills. Brutus must have sensed a doggy love in her, and a gentleness, because I have never seen that boy so calm. I told her the story of how Brutus came to us, and I thought she was going to tear up. She touched his head, told me that he is very happy and feels safe, and she was gone. It was almost a surreal experience. <3

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