Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Ride

For the last eleven months (since Brutus turned our lives right side up side down), whenever we have traveled any where with Brutus we have had to put sheets or blankets over the seats in the car to keep the fur down to a minimum. They are fine, other than they tend to slide all over the place, and by the time we would get to our destination they were usually either in a bundle on the seat, or on the floor, and the seat was a mess anyway.

Dog seat cover to the rescue. I was so excited to find this. It hooks behind the head rests, behind the seat and under the seat, so it should stay in place, it's nice and soft, washable and even has a little bump in the front for Brute to grip in case "someone" other than mom is driving and happens to stop a little sudden.

Brutus apparently likes it, as he's been out in the car since I put it in there. It could also be that dad's out of town deer hunting, and Brutus is pouting big time that dad left without him, and he thinks that if he sits there long enough the car just might leave and take him to the lake. But, I'm thinking that eventually he will get chilly and knock on the door to come in, and mom will do in a pinch. :)

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