Friday, November 5, 2010

Boys Only!

Don is taking Brutus to the lake this weekend for a "Boys Only" weekend, and I am SO excited. I know that that makes me sound like a horrible dog owner, but I really need a break. I love that boy, but I feel like I am bruised from head to toe from his hugs and clumsiness, and I just need a nice long hot bath, and no doggy hugs!!

I thought I would get a nice break last night and Don would feel some of the "pain" of being at home with a toddler. I was invited to a great fund raising cocktail party for the Children's Miracle Network in Minneapolis, and I got to get all dressed up and be gone for the evening. When I headed out the door at 5:00, Don literally had to hold Brutus by the neck to keep him from flying out after me. He was so upset. I was riding with a neighbor, so I don't know if he thought I was going for a walk without him or what, but as soon as I picked up my purse and headed for the door he flipped out and started jumping around like "yippee, lets go, alright, woot woot". I was doing everything I could to keep the fur off of my black dress.

We pulled in to my neighbor's driveway at about 9:00, and I could see Brutus's little (big) head through the window of our front door. Don said that he had been sitting in the entryway the whole time I was gone. SO NOT FAIR!!!! Seriously, what the hell?? Don should have had to play catch with him, and load the dishwasher with him and clean up the big water puddles on the kitchen floor because his lips are too big for his face. Ugh.

So anyway, I am having a mom and kitties only weekend and spending Saturday shampooing carpet. I LOVE clean carpet, and if I get it all done early on Saturday morning, it should be pretty dry by the time that Brutus gets back here to tromp on it.

One last disclaimer here, in defense of my fussing about Brutus. He doesn't bruise me from being mean. He's just gotten so big, and he's like a bull in a china shop. If we go outside, it isn't like he can just calmly walk outside. Everything is done "enthusiastically" to the nth degree. My legs are always getting swiped as he goes running by, and when he jumps up on the bed he never fails to run in to me someplace. Today when he and Don left, I was sitting on the steps by the door, and Don leaned up the steps to give me a kiss. Brutus came tearing up the steps and put his arms around me from behind to be a part of the big goodbye. I now have two scratches on the back of my neck. There is an awesome commercial on T.V. right now, and I can't even remember what product it's for, but it has all of these huge dogs shown one at a time, and with each dog they zoom out and the dog is either sitting on a person's lap, or in a crushed bicycle basket or smashed purse. The line is "does your dog think he's a lap dog?". That would be a definitive YES!!

Have an awesome weekend everyone. I know I will!!

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