Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All About Green Today

Today Brutus and I are laying low. He seems to still be recuperating from our walk yesterday, and hasn't really seemed too energetic. He also hasn't wanted to eat much, and that definitely isn't like Brutus! I am still concerned about my mom. She still isn't feeling great, and it just has me worried. She will be going to a hematologist/oncologist, which is basically a specialist in blood and cancer. Even though her doctor told her to go to this specialist, she didn't ask why, so I am troubled by this. So, long story short, Brutus and I are having a hang out day. A storm went through earlier and cooled it off a little outside, and we are on the deck. I have my bottle of water, and he has his bone. It would probably be a little better if I had a cosmopolitan, but it just doesn't feel right today. For the time being, we'll just share the water. I'm definitely not sharing his bone!
For some reason, everything that I am taking pictures of today seems to be green. I realize that they aren't all dog related, but that's OK. I'll share a little of my personal side on my blog too. And, you maybe noticed that Brutus is in his green collar this week. When I first ordered his collars, I ordered one for the cities and one for the lake, but then we decided to put all of his tags on one to cover every option if he ran away. He got so gross on Sunday, that I had to put his blue collar in the wash.

Anyway, my favorite crazy flip flops are green. For some reason they always seem to make me a little happy, probably because they are just plain goofy. Off to the side of my deck, we built a hosta garden where the lawn was too tough to mow, and we planted a  little Crimson Cloud Hawthorn tree. What we found out is that the Humming Birds absolutely love it! I can be down there filling up the rusty little bird bath, and there will be hummers just sitting in it on the branches. It's so cool. It has magenta colored little flowers that smell really sweet, and that might be why they like it.

Last but not least, my favorite green view for the day is the back yard heading down to the lake. This is Don's pride and joy. It was really brown this spring, but he worked his magic with seeds and fertilizer and some TLC, and his grass grew. Plus, it helped to have his wife living at the lake to turn on the sprinklers now and then. See honey, I knew there was a good excuse for me to be here. :) May everyone find a little green in their day today. Happy Tuesday.

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