Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today started out as a "negative energy" day. If it was a positive energy day, I would be taking pictures with my new camera that Don surprised me with (he can be a very good boy!) but I don't even want to open the box until I am in a great mood and ready to learn.

The negative energy started at about 12:15 AM when I left our friends at the bar because I was too tired and needed to go home to get some sleep, and see Brutus. I didn't join the group until ten o'clock because I had been at the hospital with my mom, so it wasn't like I left there drunk! I backed out of my parking space, and I heard a slight crunch. I got out of my car, and someone had parked a big flatbed trailer right behind my car. It was dark enough that I couldn't tell what kind of damage I had done to my car, and I was sure I hadn't hurt their trailer, so I went home. I figured it was my fault anyway. Ugh.

So, I got home and finally got to see my boy. I had bought him a new bone (his favorite kind) just for the occasion. In retrospect, giving it to him at midnight wasn't the greatest thinking on my part. He was very excited about the bone, and cuddled right up next to me on the bed and chomped away. About a half an hour later, Don got home. We visited for a while to catch up, because we really haven't seen each other for more than a couple hours over the last two weeks, and then decided we were both zonked and had to get some sleep. When I turned off the light, Brutus continued to chew. All of a sudden I heard a growl. It wasn't a little growl, it was a nasty growl. Then a "knock it off". Don had tried to take away his bone so he would quit chewing, and in the dark, and Brutus was saying a big "NO WAY". Not the best thing to do to Dad. I turned on the light to try to handle the situation. Typically you trade out one toy for another, but by then Don was mad at me for giving him the bone, and all hell broke loose. I ended up just taking Brutus to the other room to sleep so Don could sleep, and I pretty much didn't. After the week that I have had, my feelings are pretty fragile, and I was hurt. Now I am really really tired.

On a brighter note, Brutus is on his first fishing trip today (on the boat). I had to add that because he actually has been fishing with Don before, but it was on the ice. He thoroughly enjoyed ice fishing, because the little bugger figured out that he could go around and "accidentally" tip over peoples beers and then drink them. We really have to keep an eye on him around beer.

So Don and Brutus and their buddy Bennie took off for an afternoon of fishing. I'm sure the men have a cooler of necessities, and Brutus has his kibble and water. My guess is that he'll jump in the lake. He LOVES to swim. You'll notice in the pictures that Don has him tied to a long leash, and the long leash is tied by the drivers seat. He's not taking any chances on losing this dog.

I hope everyone has a good energy day, and that my day continues to improve. I felt better already after taking pictures of Brutus on the boat, so I just might get my new spiffy camera out of the box yet. I am SO excited!! :)

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