Monday, May 3, 2010

Right Pocket.......Left Pocket

I am feeling torn as to whether or not I should be living at the lake for the summer.

Let's start with the right (or we'll call this the positives) hand. The wildlife is amazing, it's peaceful, there's the lake, I don't have to see my neighbors every time I want to step one inch out my door, my friends are here, the eagles are here, and in general, the cats and Brutus LOVE it here.

Then there's the left (or the negatives) hand. It would be the opposite of everything in the above paragraph, except for the fact the Brutus has taken to unbelievable moping the day after Don leaves. He no longer cries, but the picture taken above was taken at 6:30 PM tonight. I let him out there at 8:00 AM this morning, and the only time that he came in the house was when I forced the issue at 4:30 this afternoon so he would eat some of his breakfast. Plus, as you can maybe tell from the tar bucket and board, we once again patched up the mole hole, and Don also boarded up the chipmunks entrance to the corner in the garage, so all of his close-by moving toys have been eliminated. The guilt I am feeling is horrendous.

There is one thing I know for certain. When I die, I want nothing more than to come back for my next life as one of my animals, preferably Sophie, who is sitting on the table out on the back porch. Sophie has a very silly, mischievous personality, and yet, she's sweet enough to get away with just about anything! I realize that some of you smarty pants people out there are probably saying "what's the difference" at this point in my life, because I am not working and I'm living at the lake. To that I would have to rebut with "try to manage two homes with all of the bills and housework, and four pets". It is a bit of work, but I'm seriously not complaining, and on the non snarky side of that, I would say that the difference is this; I still pick up their poop and make their meals.

Touche`. Sophie I shall be. :)