Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cat and Mouse? Nope, Dog and Squirrel

Last weekend Don eliminated all of Brutus's live toys in the front of the house. The little hole in the corner of the garage where the chipmunks were breaking in has been plugged, so the chippies no longer tear back and forth through the garage. The mole holes were visited with some smoke bombs, and the black top was once again repaired. I doubt Don will read this before he hits the road to come to the lake tomorrow, so I will say that the mole dug a huge hole next to the stairs coming up to the front door, so I think it's Mr. Mole-2, and Mr. Peterson-1 at this point in the game. All I have to do is say the word MOLE, and Don's forehead gets these deep wrinkles in it. It's kind of scary. If the kids were still little, they would tell him to go to his happy place, which would in turn make him laugh, and the wrinkles would disappear. That's a fun memory.

And here we are today. It is a blustery fifty degrees and drizzling, and yet, Brutus has been out on the deck for the last four hours playing chase with a red squirrel. Don also hates red squirrels. The gray squirrels eat all of the bird seed which doesn't make him exactly happy, but they aren't mean. The red squirrels are very sassy, and mean. Don can walk out on the deck to chase them away, and they will actually mouth off to him. I put little voices in their mouths, it typically comes out sounding something similar to Queen Latifah in the movie " Bringing Down The House". They kind of point at him with their little paws, and they always look like they have their one hip cocked out to one side. Anyway, I regress!

It worries me a little that one might try to bite Brutus, but at this point, they are still running. At first, the first little guy just stayed down on the bottom floor on the ground and made Brutus crazy. About an hour later he started to come up on the lower steps. Two hours into this game, he was on the top steps, which is where I got the money shot. If you look closely, you will see him standing a couple steps down from the top. Four hours into this game, I would either need a MUCH BETTER camera (hint hint if you are reading this sweetie) or a video camera, because the squirrel is literally running around the perimeter of the deck trying to outsmart Brutus so he can get up to the bird feeders.

If you are under eighteen, you must now leave the room....

The first year that we had the lake home, it was a blustery cold day, and we were actually here alone for the weekend. In my silly head, I thought it would be a great time for some snuggling (code word for whatever you want to call it). As I'm dragging my husband across the living room, heading for the bedroom, he spots a squirrel on the bird feeder eating the bird seed. OK, wait for it. You are going to die. He actually looks at me and says "hold that thought, I need to get my BB gun". If there was ever anything that was going to turn off an animal lover, it would be those ten words. The squirrel didn't have any dinner that night (although he missed), and neither did my husband!

You might be wondering why I have a picture of my table with piles of clothes on it included in the blog today. The truth of the matter is that I am joining in on my Mom's garage sale this weekend, and I have to head there tomorrow at noon. Instead of pricing things and getting ready today like I should be, I spent four hours watching Brutus, the cats, the birds, the squirrels, and taking pictures. I could easily say that I lost four hours, but to me I filled my heart with four hours of fun.

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