Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Excited!

My laptop is still in my Mom's car in Wisconsin, and my photo card doesn't work in the printer at our house, but Brutus has a big surprise coming for everyone when I get my laptop back on Wednesday night when my Mom gets here. Mom and I are leaving early on Thursday morning to go spend five days with Ashley in Kansas, so my Mom needs to make the drive to Minnesota to get to me before we go, so I can finally have my phone and computer back!! Woot woot!!

For those of you who don't know the goofy story, I had spent a couple days with my mom, and didn't have my own car at her house. I needed to go back to the cities to take care of Brutus and the girls because Don had to go to Colorado, so I drove my Mom's car to my house. On Friday evening, Don followed me back to my Mom's, I got out of her car, grabbed my purse, shut the door and then said "Oh S**t". We closed the garage door, and I had forgotten my phone and laptop in her car, and I don't have her house key. I have been absolutely LOST without my technology!! It's made my blog difficult, and my photo club impossible.

So, until tomorrow night, keep your "hats" on. There, that was a little hint. T-hee

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